Monday, 13 July, 2020

How The Magicians Handled An ‘Upsetting Truth’ About Quentin And Eliot

But it was the discovery in the writers room that that relationship could go deeper, in an intimate and very romantic way, that was thrilling. It’s like an unexpected joy when the characters are talking to you, and when we’re figuring out what would be in character for them. To realize that Quentin would actually have a lot less baggage about that than Eliot does. We wanted to investigate that. I think a lot of writers in the room started to talk personally about experiences they had, or were around for in people they love’s lives, where a possibility was there, you say no, thinking maybe you can come around later, and then later might never come. That’s the very fragile, upsetting truth of being a human being, is we think we have all this time and that’s not always true. That’s what’s pushing Eliot to the next place.

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