Internet Archive the best recommendation for watching free movies and TV shows.

Internet Archive the best recommendation for watching free movies and TV shows.

If you have no money in the budget for a Netflix subscription or Amazon Prime, remember this fact: As long as you have an internet connection, you can still watch free online movies night. Granted, you may not be able to stream Hollywood’s latest, but you can still enjoy gems such as “Apollo 13,” “The Imitation Game” and plenty of classics, all without spending an extra penny.

Here we share with you one of the most popular video-hosting service which can help you to watch free movies online night as you wish. It is called Internet Archive.

Overview of Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is home to all things public-domain. It includes a lot of free full feature-length movies online. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you do not have to pay any cost for them to be able to use the service, and you also do not have to create any account if you think that it is not necessary, although the registration can help you mark your favorite free movies online and create your own personalized watch list. But for me, you should have your own account. Why?

First, if you are watching free online movies and then you have a business, you can save your continued-movies at that time and carry on whenever you finish your work.

Second, the personalized watch list in Internet Archive account can help you a lot to mark your favorite genres as well as recommend you watching many interesting free online movies.

Third, your own account will give you a better security system.

How many free movies online that using Internet Archive give you?

“Public domain” is code for “old” and/or “mostly black and white,” making this the place for folks interested strictly in classic films. Thus you will find the likes of “His Girl Friday,” “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and “Gulliver’s Travels.” There are also many genres of movies and TV shows you can find and choose your favorite movies depending on it. Another information: The majority of contents in Internet Archive are movies, so if you want more TV shows, this might be not for you. By the way, it is still a good source of free online movies.

How can I use Internet Archive?

The Internet Archive exists solely on the web, so you will need a browser to access it. However, most mobile browsers (including Safari on iOS) can stream the content. A disadvantages of this video-hosting service is that they do not have their own application, so it is hard for people to use it conveniently.

In conclusion, I can tell you the advantages and disadvantages you might get when you use Internet Archive:


  • You will not have to pay any money for the ability to use service;
  • You will not have to create your own account. And if you want to create your own watch list, it can support you;
  • It is a great source of free online movies, and you can watch every good free online movies in here;
  • However, we do not have the own application of Internet Archive. But they can use this video-hosting service through any web browser, including Mobile Safari on iPhone iOS;
  • Internet Archive is absolutely legal. This means that you will not have to worry about whether you are breaking the laws or not.

These reasons are enough for user to decide to try using it, aren’t they? With Internet Archive, you will not have to concern about the cost, the membership, the law, and many other factors. Give it a try and enjoy the time watching your favorite online movies without considering about the cost you have to pay.

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