Top 6 best video-hosting services to watch free movies online 2018

Top 6 best video-hosting services to watch free movies online 2018

No money in the budget for a Netflix subscription? Or Amazon Prime? Before you read this post, I need to remind you this: nowadays, Internet connection can help you to do everything, so you do not need anything else to watch free online movies night but this.

Here I share with you top 6 great video-hosting services to watch free movies online that will make you very comfortable. Let’s check it out.

Be attend that these information is just general one, so if you want to have more specific information, please check it out on your own by your experience.


Being an ad-supported streaming service and owned by Sony Pictures, Crackle is one of the video-hosting services that offers both movies and TV shows – including some original content. It is available on a wide variety of devices and with Crackle, setting a free account is not necessary, although you SHOULD do that to have your own personalized watch list, though doing so enables you to save favorites, get recommendations and resume playback if you switch between devices.


Are you getting a library card? This will be very fortunate for you if your library has partnered with Hoopla. This digital-media service allows you to check out all kinds of stuff – movies is one of them. This service is working like a librarian – it has some “books” (movies) that need to lent someone, and you are the one who wants to “borrow” the “books”. The maximum time that you can see movies from Hoopla is 72 hours. Your library determines the total number of free online movies you can borrow each month.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is home to all things public-domain, including thousands of full free feature-length movies online. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s no cost to use the service, nor do you need an account (though you can create one if you want to mark favorites and such).


If your library cannot offer Hoopla, you will consider to use Kanopy as an alternative. This service, which began life in Australia, has made its way to over 3,000 college campuses worldwide and, more recently, various US libraries. At press time, Kanopy had reached over 200 cities; you can check the Kanopy website for extra information of it.

Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a new channel for owners of all Roku devices. It’s not free movies online provider, but rather an aggregator of new and existing no-cost content.

You will find free movies online to watch from Roku partners such as Lionsgate, MGM, Sony and Warner, along with free content from existing Roku channels such as FilmRise, Popcornflix and Vidmark.

Tubi TV

Home to the largest library of web of free online movies (though definitely not commercial-free), Tubi TV offers content from studios including Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount. Similar to Crackle, it’s available on a wide variety of devices and doesn’t require an account, though doing so enables you to save favorites and resume playback if you switch between devices.

These 6 video-hosting services are all good ones to make you feel very comfortable with your favorite free online movies. And if you want to know which is the most suitable, you need to try using all of them, and from these experience, you can choose the one you think that you like the most.

Don’t worry about their protective systems. This list of video-hosting services are all safe, legal, and friendly with customers. If you have any problems with one of them, you can contact with their customer service to receive the best supports. All of them are great, aren’t they? So why do you hesitate to try using them? Give it a try and watch your free movies online!

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